Summertime streets, Cowgate, August 2019

Summertime streets‘ was a series of temporary changes introduced on streets in the Old Town, between 28th July and 1st September 2019.

They were introduced by the City of Edinburgh Council, so that Old Town’s busiest streets would be easier and safer for pedestrians during Edinburgh’s busiest month.

This is a map of planned temporary changes. It was published here.

It was not clear if the City of Edinburgh Council is measuring the success of ‘Summertime streets‘, or how this might be achieved.

So, Mike decided to volunteer his help. 

Mike measured how ‘Summertime streets‘ was working on the Cowgate seven days a week, between the hours of 19:00 and 05:00. He took photographs of what he saw and posted these on his twitter handle, @tesodb.

The links below are a selection of the tweets posted by Mike between 28th July and 1st September 2019. All photos are copyright of @tesodb.


Sunday, 28th July

Monday, 29th July

Tuesday, 30th July

Wednesday, 31st July

Thursday 1st August

Friday, 2nd August

Saturday, 3rd August

Sunday, 4th August

Monday, 5th August

Tuesday, 6th August

Wednesday, 7th August

Thursday, 8th August

Friday, 9th August

Saturday, 10th August

Sunday, 11th August

Monday, 12th August

Tuesday, 13th August

Wednesday, 14th August

Thursday, 15th August

Friday, 16th August

Saturday, 17th August

Sunday, 18th August

Monday, 19th August

Tuesday, 20th August

Wednesday, 21st August

Thursday 22nd August

Friday, 23rd August

Saturday, 24th August

Sunday, 25th August

Monday, 26th August


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