Setted Streets : Victoria Street

Victoria Street ­ takes lots of heavy traffic powered by diesel engines, including trucks, sightseeing buses and tourist coaches.

In our response to the City of Edinburgh Council (CEC) draft management plan for the Old and New Towns World Heritage Site, Old Town Community Council requested that “heavy vehicles are stoped from running through the World Heritage Site.

We added that “the numbers are expected to increase, in response to developments approved by the Planning Committee. These vehicles increase air pollution and congestion. Heavy goods vehicles should be prevented from entering the WHS, following the example set by other Cities such as Florence.”

We welcome the City of Edinburgh Council intention to implement the Strategy for Setted Streets in partnership with Historic Environment Scotland and Edinburgh World Heritage.

Taken in February 2016 and November 2017, these photos show how the condition of the setted surfaces on Victoria Street have continued to deteriorate over the last 20 months.



No tarmac in 2016. Tarmac in 2017


No tarmac in 2016. Tarmac in 2017


Tarmac in 2016. More Tarmac in 2017.


Kerb replaced with concrete.




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