Joint Statement on Edinburgh Christmas 2020

As agreed by the Community Councils of New Town & Broughton, Old Town, Southside, Tollcross & West End; and The Cockburn Association.

The five City-Centre Community Councils and the Cockburn Association welcome the opportunity to comment on this important issue.

Overall, we support the direction of travel away from the arrangements that caused so much damage to East Princes Street Gardens and distress to residents in 2019/20. We remain of the view that the gardens are not appropriate for the Ferris Wheel, Star Flyer and market stalls, next to the Scott Monument.

We recognise that the serious impact of the Covid-19 pandemic in terms of public health and economic uncertainty mean that the Council needs to be extra cautious and fully transparent in considering how the city chooses to celebrate Christmas and Hogmanay this winter safely. Recent experience from Scotland and elsewhere strongly associates the transmission of Covid-19 with food and drink establishments and it is not clear from the report, how this will be managed especially given that this has been a major element of past offerings by the Christmas market.


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