How to object

PThe Licencing Board actively welcomes views from all residents, on each licence application.

While Old Town Community Council reviews all licence applications relevant to Edinburgh Old Town, it will be very helpful if you can also send your personal comments (objections) too, to the City of Edinburgh Council.

If you wish to object to a licence application, then please follow these steps :

View the licensing registers

Visit the online registers within 28 days of the date the application was received by the City of Edinburgh Council. What this means in practice, is that it’s best to visit these registers every few weeks.

For Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) licences, you have 21 days to make an objection.

If you miss the deadline you can submit a late objection, explaining why it is late. Your explanation will be considered by the Council before deciding whether or not to accept your objection.

Decide if you want to object

The City of Edinburgh Council asks that your objection is sent as a letter, that it is typed or in your writing and that it is signed by you. Please include your name and address. For premises alcohol licence you can use the form here.

Sign, email or post

The letter (or premises alcohol licence) must be signed with your physical signature.

The letter can be scanned or digitally photographed, and emailed to

Alternatively, it can be posted to Licensing Service, Directorate of Place, City of Edinburgh Council, Level 9, City Chambers, 249 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1YJ.

Next steps

When you submit your objection, the City of Edinburgh Council will confirm they have received it.  Under licensing laws they will share objections with the licence applicant.  This will include your name and address.  At least a week before the committee meets to consider the application, they will invite you to attend the meeting and talk about your objection.

At the committee meeting the Councillors will hear from everyone and ask any questions that they have, and then give their decision about the licence application. That decision will be confirmed in writing within a week of the meeting.

More information about what the City of Edinburgh Council does with your personal data is on their privacy notice.

Information about attending a Licensing Board meeting