Types of airbnbs in Edinburgh

There are two main types of airbnb’s available in the areas covered by City of Edinburgh Council :

  1. private rooms and
  2. entire homes

Their locations are summarised in blue (private rooms) and purple (entire homes) in this screenshot from www.AirDNA.co



Private Rooms

Airbnb was established in 2008 to help owners and tenants advertise rooms in the homes they were living in. Most provided breakfast and were run like bed and breakfasts.

42% (4,175) of Airbnbs available in Edinburgh in August 2017, were private rooms and they were available in homes where the owners or tenants lived.

The Homes First report does not focus on private room Airbnbs.

It is assumed that most owners and tenants advertising private rooms – pay Council Tax – not Business Rates


Entire Homes

Entire homes are those properties where the owner or tenant does not live in.

58% (5,766) of Edinburgh Airbnbs available in August 2017, were entire homes.

The Homes First report focussed exclusively on these entire room airbnbs.

It is assumed that some owners and tenants pay Business Rates and the majority opt for Council Tax instead.



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