Twitter Engagement Report

We’ve been tweeting for 2 years and 3 months, over there

So how have we been doing?


282,000 impressions 

    2,281 profile visits

          1,926 mentions



We asked Twitter and this is what they said to us about February 2020. To see what they are saying about you, just click ‘analytics’ on your Twitter homepage.

But what does this mean? …

Let’s start with the 282,000 impressions.

This was the number of times in February 2020, that Old Town Community Council showed up on Twitter screens. It showed up even more times in January …. 307,000 …. our best month for impressions so far. Remember #WPSG #Hogmanay #EdXmas! This is what our Twitter friends wanted to hear about in January 2020.

We were on lots of screens in August 2019 too. How can we forget #SummertimeStreets #SmmrSessions 2019 #EdFringe. Happy days! That is what our Twitter friends wanted to hear about in August 2019.

There were months when we showed up on very few screens. Take January 2018 when we showed up just 4,585 times. We were not tweeting about what interested people way back then!

There were 2,281 profile visits in February 2020. In other words, there were 2,281 clicks from tweeps, wanting to find out more about us. All 2,281 checked out our twitter profile and clicked through to  At 2,416, even more people clicked through in August. At just 19, February 2019 was our quietest month so far.  

There were 1,926 mentions in February 2020. In other words, 1,926 tweeps tweeted us directly at @EdinOldTownCC. This compares to almost zero throughout all of 2018. Not tweeting us at @EdinOldTownCC would have meant that we would have missed them, and what they had to say.

76 people followed us in February 2020. That was a clever move. It’s because all our tweets now show up on their screens. That compares to 135 new followers in August 2019 and just 1 in Sept 2018 !

For lots of other information about our first 27 months on Twitter, please check out our Engagement (Twitter) Report, published on 4th March 2020.


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