Short-term lets – why residents are concerned

Short-term lets in Edinburgh are very much in the news these days. But why is OTCC so interested in whole flats and houses let for one to a few days, and where the owner or tenants do not live in.

OTCC agrees with all of these published perspectives on short-term lets in Edinburgh’s Old Town.


It’s really affecting the community and house prices, lots of people are just buying for investment and it’s mushroomed out of all control. Whole tenements in the Grassmarket are now short-term lets

Elspeth Wills, Grassmarket Community Committee


It seems blatantly unfair that landlords of short-term accommodation should avoid paying a local tax

David Alexander, managing director of DJ Alexander


“… anti-social behaviour, regulation failures, housing stock and the changing nature of residential communities

Rachael Hamada,


There are a series of practical problems with short-term lets. These included noise, extra rubbish, parties, suitcases being dragged around, damage to common stairs, and concerns over overcrowding … what is probably of most concern is the feeling of insecurity that people describe when their stair is being used by people they don’t know. That sense of disconnect that is fun when on holiday seeps into one’s everyday life making home feel less secure, and it is that that is probably most damaging to those residents affected by a lot of Airbnbs or short-term lets in their area

Jonna Mowatt, Edinburgh City Councillor.

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