Our Streets. City Centre Transformation. Now, it’s your call.

We do complain a lot about Our Streets in Old Town. Oh, don’t we just !

And haven’t we had so many reasons to complain over the years. Let’s not go there !

But …

The City of Edinburgh Council is listening to what we’ve been saying for all those years.

They’ve heard us too.

…. yes, we know !

So, all that complaining for a decade or more, was worth it.

Edinburgh City Council has announced big plans to improve Our Streets.

What’s more, they want all residents (that includes you) to have our say.

But ….

Time is running out. We have until 7th July.

Complaining and commenting before 7th July is perfect. Go for it !

But, complaining about the City Centre Transformation plans after then, sorry it’s just too late. And we will all have to live with the consequences for decades to come.

So before 7th July, please :

  1. Give your views here
  2. Visit the City Centre Transformation page

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