Our response to the Waverley Station masterplan strategy options consultation.

Thank you for attending our meeting with New Town & Broughton Community Council on 24th April 2019.

We were particularly interested in slides 9, 22 and 23 presented by Mohammed Kader, David Boyce and Gareth Rees.

Slide 9 shows that 44% of pedestrians exit the Station via Waverley Steps, 27% onto Market Street, 13% to Waverley Bridge and the remaining 13% to Calton Road. We are keen to see a significant increase in the percentages of pedestrians exiting on to Waverley Bridge and Calton Road (for the new St James Centre).

Network Rail’s preferred option is for the Station to undergo significant change and development (slide 23). While the detailed plans have yet to worked up, we are receptive in principle to the proposal for a Grand Central Concourse and Plaza. This could help Waverley cope more easily with the doubling of passengers up to 2048 (slide 8). We hope these would significantly increase the percentages of passengers exiting via the Gateway to the City (Waverley Bridge) and Calton Road.

As Edinburgh Waverley is Category-A listed, we have some concerns too. OTCC is keen that the ticket hall remains in-situ and we would welcome it becoming more of a focal-point. The proposal of an exit route from Waverley on to North Bridge was discussed although in our view, this option should not be explored further.

We appreciate that working up the masterplan is a huge project. Old Town Community Council’s top-two red-lines are :

  1. to reduce noise between 9pm and 6am seven days a week, and
  2. to make our streets more walkable/navigable.

We look forward to learning from the worked-up masterplan, about how this major project will not interrupt the sleep of residents (and visitors) and will prevent unnecessary congestion on roads and pavements in and around Old Town.

We look forward to working in partnership so that Network Rail’s preferred option becomes a reality – while at the same time not inconveniencing residents and visitors, in terms of sleep deprivation and delays in their journeys in and around Old Town.

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