Next Meeting : Tuesday 8th September 2020

All residents of Old Town are very welcome to join our monthly meetings in person, online and on your phone too.

The next meeting is from 18:30hrs and 20:30hrs, on Tuesday 8th September 2020. The meeting takes place at The Crannie, Cranston Street, Edinburgh EH8 8BE.

To join online or on your phone, just email ChairPerson @ EdinburghOldTownCC dot org dot uk – by Monday 7th September – with your name and home postcode

Councillors attendance rota :
8th September: Cllr Joanna Mowat
13th October: Cllr Karen Doran
10th November: Cllr Claire Miller
15th December: Cllr Alasdair Rankin

Agenda :

  1. Welcome from the Chair
  2. Apologies
  3. Declaration of interests
  4. Minutes from meeting held on 11th August
  5. Planning Report
  6. Licensing Report
  7. Councillors Report
  8. Engagement
    – Goals and Priorities
    – Questions and Answers from an Officer of the CEC Licensing Team
    – Update on Winter Festival
  9. Report on Strategic Implementation Group meeting and engagement with ETAG’s Donald Emslie
  10. Interim Treasurers report
    – Agree draft Accounts
    – Bank Account update
    – Rental payment to Crannie
  11. AOB.
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