It’s noisy in your home. But how noisy, is noisy ?

It’s August. And we know what that means.

More visitors.

More to see.

More to do.

More to hear.




Here at Old Town Community Council, we are hearing of more and more complaints about noise.

However, there is almost no evidence on how loud it is. In other words, there is little information on the number of decibels residents are exposed to in Old Town. 

So, we are looking to start a survey of how much noise residents in Old Town can hear in our homes – noise that is coming through out windows from the Festivals, Buskers, Clubs and anywhere else.

And this is where you come in.

It would be great if you can help. You will receive this in return :

1. Proof : a record of how much noise is coming into you home.
2. No Hassle : just point your phone’s microphone out the window, press record, … watch The Nine … have a wee dram … take a snooze … and stop recording at a time that suits you
3. Free : it’s free on Android and iPhone Step-by-step video details are available for Android and iPhone

To take part, please email OTCC @ ScotlandMail dot com with your name, postcode and we will be in touch.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Illustration copyright Andrew Wilton and The Spectator.

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