How should Edinburgh spend its new £14,600,000 Transient Visitor Levy ?

We are delighted that City of Edinburgh Council wants to introduce a new Transient Visitor Levy. The City Council believes this would bring in an extra £14,600,000 a year.

It’s purpose is to support the cost of mass tourism in Edinburgh.

But it is not entirely clear as to how the extra money would be spent.

So, we decided to ask the people of Edinburgh !

We launched a seven-day poll on Twitter. It ends at 9pm on Sunday 19th May.

Click here to see the live poll and vote.

First 12 hours of poll

It’s proving very popular. 326 votes were cast in the first 12 hours. 221 votes (68%) opted for the money spent on the repair and maintenance of streets, setts and kerbs. 11% went for short-term lets instead and 7% put their hands up for no noise between 9pm and 6am.

We hope the results will help the decision-makers spend the £14,600,000 windfall more appropriately.

Please click here to vote.

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