Goals : results of public poll (19th May to 7th June 2020)

So as to assist with future planning, we conducted a short SurveyMonkey questionnaire in May/June 2020. This attracted 50 responses, largely from Old Town residents. We reviewed the results at our public meeting held on 11th August.

The main findings were as follows:

In order to reduce late night noise, respondents reported that the main culprits were identified as licensed businesses (33% of respondents) and fireworks and other noisy entertainments such as rock concerts (31%).

The key steps in improving walkability in the Old Town were seen as limiting the size of walking groups to 20 guests (16.1%) and policing the A Board and street-advertising bans (15.1%). Improving air quality throughout the city centre was also seen as very important (14.1%).

The two most effective measures in ensuring balance between the entertainment of tourists and the needs of residents were seen as strict regulation of short-term lets (13.5%) and curtailing the use of Princes Street Gardens for large, commercial events thereby improving public access (11.5%).

The most effective actions that the Old Town Community Council can take to increase its voice with residents and the authorities include increased engagement with residents prior to responding to planning and licensing applications and consultations (34%); a requirement that proposed developers demonstrate their commitment to restoring and maintaining listed buildings (29%) and making the licensing process transparent and accessible. (29%)

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