Community Planning : who’s who


Partnership & Information Manager: Evelyn Kilmurry

Phone: 0131-529 5129



Evelyn is responsible for managing, libraries, community planning and customer services and for ensuring the Neighbourhood Partnership links are developed for the benefit of the local community.


Partnership Development Officer: Margaret Campbell

Phone: 0131-529 7182



You can also call the Council Contact Centre directly on 0131 200 2000 for information on all of the services on offer from the City of Edinburgh Council.


Call 0131 529 5757 to report stair lighting faults.

Call CLARENCE on 0800 23 23 23 to report road and lighting problems.

Call 0131 529 7050 to report antisocial behaviour and find out how to help end it.

Call the Rapid Response Team on 0808 100 33 66 about litter and dumping problems on public land.

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