19/01404/FUL : 126 Canongate : please comment by Friday 26th April

This planning application proposes a change of use for offices at the former Hillcrest Housing Association building at 126 Canongate. The proposal is to replace the offices with 11 short-term lets, to make alterations to the rear elevation and roof, and to create a ground floor class 1 & 2 unit.

11 public comments were submitted at 11am on Thursday 25th April. 10 were objections and the 11th was neutral.

Old Town Community Council recommends residents to make comments and object to this planning application. Please visit here and enter 19/01404/FUL as the application reference.

Here are two sets of three drawings from Coopers Close. The drawings on the left represent how 126 Canongate looks today, the middle drawings were proposed in 2013 and the right-hand drawing represents how 126 Canongate will look. if planning permission is given for this application.

Before and after view of 126 Canongate, from Coopers Close.
Before and after aerial views of 126 Canongate, from Coopers Close.

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